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30 Best Proteins For Your Penis – Ssec

30 Best Proteins for Your Penis – SSEC Book / Health And Fitness

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  • Nov 2017

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Quote:Science has identified
a number of nutrients that are vital to the penis and all it can do. Four of those seem to be more helpful than others:
• Zinc boosts testosterone levels and helps enable erections and healthy sperm. • A deficiency of
Vitamin B12 has been linked to erectile dysfunction, Harvard researchers found. The vitamin is crucial to cell
metabolism and the production of blood. • Arginine is the Marvin Gaye of amino acids: It relaxes blood vessels
and enables blood to flow, helping you get and keep an erection. • Magnesium decreases inflammation in blood
vessels, increasing blood flow, which speeds blood to extremities, increasing arousal, and … well, you get it. Of course, protein not only builds the lean muscle that helps you end up in bed with company in the first place,
it’s the most basic building block of tissue, dense in the amino acids that promote sexual health. (Men should be
getting at least 56 grams daily; women, 46.) So we consulted the USDA database to identify the top dietary protein
sources of zinc, B12, magnesium and arginine. Some foods showed up near the top of multiple lists; we put them in the
Hall of Fame. Read on to find out who nabbed the crown. Author: SSEC

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