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CMOS_Digital_Integrated_Circuits_Analysis_and_Design Book / Textbooks

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  • Feb 2016

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CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits: Analysis and Design is the most complete book on the market for CMOS circuits. Appropriate for electrical engineering and computer science, this book starts with CMOS processing, and then covers MOS transistor models, basic CMOS gates, interconnect effects, dynamic circuits, memory circuits, BiCMOS circuits, I/O circuits, VLSI design methodologies, low-power design techniques, design for manufacturability and design for testability.
This book provides rigorous treatment of basic design concepts with detailed examples. It typically addresses both the computer-aided analysis issues and the design issues for most of the circuit examples. Numerous SPICE simulation results are also provided for illustration of basic concepts. Through rigorous analysis of CMOS circuits in this text, students will be able to learn the fundamentals of CMOS VLSI design, which is the driving force behind the development of advanced computer hardware.

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